Law Office of M. Bryon Barnhill, PLLC

Law Office of M. Bryon Barnhill, PLLC

331 Indian Trail, Suite 101, Harker Heights

After working for a high­volume, low­fee firm in Killeen for four years, attorney M. Bryon Barnhill decided to open his own law office in October 1999. "I opened the Law Office of M. Bryon Barnhill to provide more personalized service with a higher quality and level of care for each individual client," he said. Focused on developing long­term customer relationships, Barnhill practices family law, criminal, business law and elder care law in a friendly environment and is board­ certified in family law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. "When you call my office during normal business hours, you will always be greeted by a person," he said. "I truly believe that people reach out to lawyers specifically due
to an immediate crisis issue in their family or business relationships. We are well known to be a point of comfort and reassurance during what can be the most stressful time in your life. Even if the legal matter is not one we handle, my office tries to direct you to someone who can help."

His staff keeps clients informed through each step of the legal process, providing choices when possible to keep costs under control. That client­centered service has led to success. "Most of our business comes by word of mouth and by referrals from other attorneys."

"I have developed a reputation for being an aggressive attorney in the courtroom and an effective mediator outside the courtroom. Many clients are surprised by the difference in my friendly, calm demeanor with them in the office and the hard edge I exhibit in the courtroom when action is necessary."

Barnhill and his staff emphasize honesty and transparency with clients, part of the services that keep clients coming back. "I have many family and business clients that return to us for service, and send their friends and family, which to me is a comment on the trust and satisfaction our clients have with our services," Barnhill said. "Our law office principally provides services in the area of family law, criminal law and business law. We also offer elder care law, including assistance with Veteran Affairs and Medicare benefits for assisted living and long­ term care. Clients have valued the overlap in these areas and the
fact they can come to one office for most of their legal needs."

Hiring high ­quality staff has made the practice successful. "The attorneys I have partnered with throughout the last 20 years are respected judges and my key paralegal and trusted friend has worked with me for the entirety of the existence of the law office. One of the reasons our business is so successful is that we handle legal matters we are experienced with and do not attempt to take whatever comes in the door," he said. "We control the number of clients we have so that we do not become a high volume practice."

One key part of the team is office manager Susan Chandler, who has worked with the office since the beginning. "I began working with Susan while with a law firm in Killeen and immediately recognized her talents in running a law office from both the legal and business side," Barnhill said. "Susan has demonstrated a loyalty and dedication to doing the right thing by the client. Her integrity and fair dealings with our clients as well as her proficiency in the legal field makes her an invaluable asset and trusted friend. She is also board­certified in
family law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, paralegal division, of which there are only about 125 in the state."

While the staff is dedicated to professionalism, they also strive to create a family­friendly environment that is warm and receptive to clients. "My motto for years has been that 'you would rather have me sitting next to you than opposing you."

Along with practicing law, the firm also gives back to the community. "We are a member of the Harker Heights Chamber of Commerce, have actively supported our veterans, provide assistance when called upon by Fort Hood and participated with local charities," Barnhill said. "I am actively involved as a leader in my church and have been a director for Upward Basketball."

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